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Are recruiters using Web 2.0?

Are you a recruiter, job seeker, sales or marketing professional using Web 2.0? If you aren’t, you’d better. 

Last week, Travis Arnold of Sendouts asked this public question on LinkedIn Questions & Answers.  Since I am a recruiter who actively uses social media as a recruitng and networking tool, it was interesting reading the responses Travis’s question elicited.  Of course I couldn’t resist the urge to add my own Answer.

It brings up a lot of questions about how fruitful the new social media has to offer businesses in general. It’s my opinion that recruiting, job hunting, business development, product or service promotion, marketing… is all about having good networking skills and abilities to evangelize your vision, product or service.  Whether it’s using online tools, where you can grow a large targeted niche network in rapid time, or be it face to face events, it’s all the same concept – building a vast network of talent, consumers, and/or customers.

I regularly use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as a continual way to build my professional network for the best recruiting and networking results possible.  The passive candidate and all their business associates and friends can be found on at least one of the social media forums.

It was really  after reading “I’m on Facebook, Now What?”  by Jason Alba & Jesse Stay that I was enlightened to the huge professional power Facebook has to offer. 

Facebook introduces me to a wide range of talent that might not be on LinkedIn and there are many Facebook professional groups that offer me a huge networking and knowledge sharing pool. Creating as many solid recruiting sources that I can continue to build professional relationships with is the only way to ensure my recruiting success.  If you are already on Facebook, find and add me to your friend list I am always up for professional networking in any medium I can.

Twitter is one of the coolest ways to gain social networking knowledge and power. There are quite a few professional bloggers and celebrities that I interact with to gain the best and most up-to-date information on the social networking world and current topics for conversation.  I’d rate Twitter as one of the most “hip” and fast growing social media’s out there today.  Twitter followers have developed some of the coolest applications and the mind share is nothing short of amazing.  It’s micro-blogging at it’s BEST!  You can follow me at

Lastly I mention LinkedIn.  If you aren’t on LinkedIn these days, where are you professionally?  Really – get your profile up and live – I’ve made mine public for maximun exposure – click here to view.  LinkedIn offers an excellent resource for viewing professional profiles – it is not a job board, but you can for a fee post job opportunities.  Depending on your network, you can search a plethera of great talent.  LinkedIn is not as interactive as Facebook and Twitter.  Infact you face a harsh suspension penalty if you don’t play by their rules of engagement when attempting direct contact. 

I suggest joining some of the fabulous LinkedIn groups as a way to actively network with others.  My favorite groups are My LinkedIn Power Forum (MLPF) or Dave Mendoza’s SixDegrees group. See my LinkedIn profile for the links to join these groups.

For more information about using the Web 2.0 as a recruiter, please take a look at the LinkedIn Question that prompted this blog post: Are recruiters using Web 2.0?  Not only can you read the Question and Answers first hand,  you find the links to my recommendations for Experts in this topic.

Happy social networking to you!



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Boosting Your Sales With Social Networking – Money

Excellent article for US News & World Report on how to use social networking to boost your sales. Jason Alba talks about using social networking as a business tool.   

Jason is not only an expert in social networking, his company JibberJobber offers active job seekers a great CRM tool.

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$$$$$ Dave Mendoza Made me Rich $$$$$$$

Last Monday, Dave Mendoza changed my professional life by adding to my future financial prosperity…. He made me Rich $$$$$   
Here is an excerpt from my original posting on the MLPF (My LinkedIn Power Forum) group.

How do you ask? Please let me explain…

As some of you know in this group, to me the LinkedIn invitation is like the greatest professional gift I could receive. The potential opportunity of each connection is limitless anyway I look at it. I’m all about the long term possibilities with each person I connect with and I take full responsibility of nurturing my connections over the long term.

On Monday, Dave Mendoza added me to his top ten list at his website:

How flattered was I! What an honor to be mentioned within a website that features a lot of great talent! There are even quite a few fellow MLPF members on there too.

I didn’t fully understand the impact of this gift. Yes, I said it, gift. My LinkedIn connections have DOUBLED since last Monday…. And still counting!

The really great thing about these connections is that we all share a commonality and interest in professional networking for greater knowledge and of course we are all a part of the Six Degrees LinkedIn group. You wouldn’t believe some of the amazing backgrounds I have been introduced to this past week.

When I joined MLPF, I had not idea the types of relationships that I would forge – yet I have built some really solid connections in a relatively short period of time and there are more to come.

Think about it. You join a network with 8500+ strangers, people you don’t know “yet”. And then boom, you get a wealth of friendships, knowledge, book recommendations, blog recommendations, wonderful and helpful advice and support……..

We all know that it would be virtually impossible for me to build a one on one relationship with each one of these new connections from Dave overnight –the time it took me to write a note back to each invite was time consuming in itself.

But, each one of these, really terrific connections represents a rich future opportunity. Why, one of these new connections could very well be my next employer, my next client, my next hot candidate, the hiring manager at a company one of my MLPF friends is targeting…… oh the list of possibilities just keeps growing….

This much richer recruiter is very thankful – the mortgages out here in California are expensive and I know that in the future, my two kids (1 and 6) will be in college – see I’m thinking ahead in my personal life too. The richness affects both.

Best regards,

Heather Gardner
“Wealthy” Recruiter
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