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Social Media: It’s the latest in Savvy Business Tools

Could this subject it be anymore of a hot button these days for the Corporate Business?    Not all, but many businesses are feeling uncertainty of how Social Media can effect their bottom line – either by employee non-performance or viral marketing.   Are our employees using it for personal reasons or are they prospecting for new business, talent or mind share? 

Jacob Morgan  recently asked a question on LinkedIn regarding how businesses are dealing with Social Networking.  I couldn’t resist the urge to answer:

“Social Media is an excellent tool for business – from marketing, promotion, business development, networking, branding, sales and the list could go on forever.

As a recruiter I use social networking as a tool to network, gain valuable knowledge, market and brand myself and/or my services. It’s a rapid trend that is only beginning and obviously creating a nice buzz while gaining in momentum.

Businesses may want to think open minded on how the benefits and features of social media can help them for both short and long term gains. Why not be a leader and master its uses with successful results before the competition does it?

Twitter is such a useful tool to convey everything from your marketing message, update on current blog posts or to network with local talent. If done right, your 140 micro blog post on Twitter can help convey a personality image or offer immediate updates with your clients and prospects that an otherwise direct mailer couldn’t possibly do – and it will set you apart from the rest of the pack while costing you little to none.

To the employee using social media to successfully accomplish their business objectives with highly effective results, I say “FABULOUS!”

I love the social media and business concept and believe strongly the results are there and only growing. ”

You can read the rest of the answers here.  Most of them frown upon Social Media in the workplace but they do offer a different perspective and insight.  We are in the Web 2.0 world now and businesses need to embrace it!  Social Media is the latest in savvy business tools.


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