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Honey does this blog make my “BUT” look big?

I can’t tell you how many times (it’s too high to count) I hear different objections surrounding the use of Web 2.0 Social Media as a business tool. 

“BUT” I don’t know how it would work with my business.

“BUT” it seems too complicated.

“BUT” I don’t have time to figure out how it works.

Here’s my story of Social Media and it’s great affects:

$ $ $ Dave Mendoza $ $ $

Okay, most of you know the story of how Dave Mendoza made me RICH – if not, take a look at my archives.  BUT did you know that Dave Mendoza added to my savings account yet again? 

Dave recently published a blog interview he had with me.  It was a two part and produced some amazing response from his readers.  One professional recruiter in particular contacted me as a result of his blog. 

After our initial correspondence, this recruiter discovered an upset within her current organization and reacted by sharing it with me.  Within days I had her interviewing with my company – her second and third interviews happened nearly immediately, followed by an accepted job offer. 

As recruiters we are paid on results. A hire like this = $$$$ in my bank account – Thanks again to DAVE MENDOZA and his powerful blog.


Twitter.  The name is even kind of cute & catchy.  Twitter is a micro blogging tool, more powerful than many new Tweets realize.  I’ll share just one of many examples.   

A few weeks ago, my in-laws had trouble with their Comcast Digital Voice, Cable and Internet service.  For lack of better words, all of their services went down completely for weeks.  While listening to my husband on the telephone coaching his father via cell, I tweeted this: to my husband argue about how to deal with comcast digital voice/cable/Internet – OMG… 09:01 PM May 18, 2008 from web”

With an hour, I had received a reply from @comcastcares aka Frank.

The problem was escalated and FIXED within 1.5 days.  Thanks Frank, the twit behind the tweet 🙂


Last week, I posted a tweet asking if “any of my Bay Area Tweets needed Admin’s.” 

Since I have my Twitter account linked to my Facebook, this post automatically populated into my Facebook’s News Feed. 

From Facebook, a friend working for a large Fortune 500 company responded with an “I do.”   An Admin order for our Silicon Valley branch office, with just one tweet into Facebook.

For the naysayer that says, “BUT” I can’t figure out how it can relate to my business, I say take heed!  There are so many ways to learn about how to put it all into place and get solid results. 

The examples I’ve shared are just a few of many.  I have more!!!

Talent Technology is a great start.  They have a wonderful Social Media Web 2.0 Employment Branding Webinar currently downloadable from their website.  It’s one of the most fantastic ones I’ve attended.  Though designed around employment branding, it makes perfect sense for many other business branding.  Check it out.

So for all of you with big “BUT’s”… let’s trim them down.  Social Media should flatter & compliment your business. If it’s not, you’re on the wrong Web 2.0 diet.


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“I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours” Promiscuous Web 2.0

Let’s face it, Web 2.0 is quickly becoming the hottest way to market and evangelize your business.  No only is it the most effective way to build a professional network, it’s the fastest. Social networking tools can help build strong relationships, but it’s still an artistry that takes effort to make them effective and fruitful.

Yes, when it comes to professional networking, you may call me promiscuous.  In the past, I’ve been known to network with anyone…. that is, until today.

My recruiting role is all about networking, building and fostering solid professional relationships.  My philosophy has always revolved around complete open networking.  Just ask Valerie Gonyea, recruiter at RHI and one of my favorite Tweets.  She can speak first hand about our open debate regarding “open” versus “closed” networking.  Valerie is far more conservative with those she allows into her network than I am.

BUT, now I am drawing the line in the sand and setting up rules for engagement.

The countless invitations to connect on LinkedIn via faceless profiles, the infamous “canned invite,” hidden connections, no endorsements and profiles lacking substance has got to cease.  I want to get to know you better before jumping into a professional relationship. 

This isn’t a blind date.

Social media has enabled us to simulate and portray ourselves however we choose.  The public persona is an amazing branding tool, but it has it’s limitations if not populated just right or if left blank.

How does that saying go “top talent attracts other top talent”?   

So, don’t you want put a little business value into your online profile before extending your offer to connect?  After all, if you were going out to a face to face networking event, you’d “put your best foot forward” rather than showing up in a dingy sweat outfit and ski mask?  Am I right? LOL.

Before sending your next invitation to connect, keep in mind the person on the other end.  Are they after a quickie connection in order to increase their network numbers?   Or, are they like myself and into long term professional relationships?  How will you know with that “canned invite”?

So I’ve decided to take a stance.  Show some good value proposition!  I will, however, accept your faceless “canned invite” on one condition:

“I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours.”  (I’m talking about your LinkedIn connections here)

What say you?  Shall we dance?

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6 Ways to Invest in Your Career

Great article that mentions Patti Wilson of the Wendesday Job Group

read more | digg story

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