“Smile” – It can really help you in your career search

October 13, 2008 at 8:58 pm 1 comment

Job hunt tip of the week: “Smile”

It’s really easy to get down in the dumps when you are an active job seeker.  I’ve spoken with folks that have had a rough go lately.  They land plenty of interviews but don’t get the offer.

If you let it get to you, it will come out in the interview.  So “smile” instead!

It sounds so cliché, but “put on a happy face.”  I cannot stress enough the importance of state of mind during the interview process. 

Sitting across from a hiring manager you should be upbeat and positive.  Otherwise you may come across as negative and/or desperate – this may be your actual reality, but please don’t let it show.

Share your tough times with friends and relatives, not to the interviewer.   The hiring manager wants to hear how you will make, save or achieve great goals if hired by the company.  They want to hear more about the past successes you listed on your resume.  They do not want to hear about how many interviews you’ve been on where you didn’t get the job. 

Don’t share anything negative about your financial woes or worst of all, your personal life. Nobody wants to hear about your last break-up, how horrible your kids are or anything else personal in nature – especially when it’s not positive.  Keep it strictly professional and upbeat with specific answers to interview questions.  As that old saying goes “there’s a time and a place” and during an interview is NOT the place.

For me, a simple “smile” has been the best ice breaker during the most awkward professional situations, not just the physical smile, but the virtual impression it can make with a positive attitude.  It helps to laugh – and if you need something to laugh at, take a look at the sticker on my son’s forehead.  It simply states “Place on forehead. Smile.”  I had a grin the entire time we shopped at Trader Joe’s the other day!

How has your “smile” helped you?   


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  • 1. robertstanke  |  October 13, 2008 at 9:35 pm

    It really all comes down to the age old belief that an interview is won or lost in the first five minutes. And I totally believe that. The thing is, the job hunt and interview process can be very, VERY stressful, so it shows when you go in there. That is why I try and tell my candidates who I sense are starting to stress to go for a walk or run the morning of the interview. Fresh air, baby!

    Robert Stanke


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