I know it feels like we’re breaking up, but can’t we still be friends?

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Every time I have to deliver the “bad news” to a candidate I feel this same way.  There is never joy in having to tell someone that they aren’t moving forward in the hiring process.  Never.

Please rest assured that no matter what the outcome is, I do want to continue my professional relationship with you. 

I sincerely want candidates to know that my intentions are always to present them to a hiring manager for consideration based on our initial interactions.  I have every intention of a successful match.

BUT, there might be as many as a dozen candidates being considered for a specific role at any given time.  Unfortunately only one of them can get the job. 

This makes my role as recruiter very difficult.  I see a potential fit in all my candidate presentations and this includes you.

Many candidates discount the role of the recruiter after they don’t get the job.  Keep in mind, if the recruiter is good, this will not be the last role that they are recruiting for. 

Making an excellent impression on both the hiring manager and the recruiter will help you go places.  Hopefully a similar position comes up that you are suited for and will be considered in the future. Another scenario is that the recruiter moves on to a different company and thinks of you as a missed hiring opportunity!   Their departure from company A, could turn into an wonderful career opportunity at company B. 

Forming a professional relationship with your recruiters can be successfully done by checking in periodically via telephone, email or newsletter.  This keeps you “in top of mind”.   Based on your interactions with them, when your dream job comes across their desk, they will contact you!  

I like the idea of connecting with your recruiters via LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.  This is a great way to stay in touch long term and you will always know where to find them and what openings they might be recruiting for this way.  We generally broadcast our openings on a regular basis and use all forms of social media to do so. 

Please, let’s keep in touch and maintain contact with one another, even when you didn’t get the role I had your interview for.  I see talent in you.  Know that I believe in your exceptional skill set, abilities and experience.  Unfortunately only one person can get the job and that leaves me with the role of delivering the news. 

I’ve love to hear about your experiences.  What is the best way for a recruiter to continue a professional relationship with you, even after you didn’t get the job? 


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