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Happy New Year – Welcome 2009 – What are your goals for this year?


I don’t know about you, but I’ve been looking forward to 2009 for the last few months.   I’m always excited entering a New Year – it’s like starting all over again in many ways, which makes this year even more highly anticipated.  Since my birthday falls in early January (the 5th), I am full year older at the start of every New Year.

At the start of the every new year I reflect back on the old year – it’s like a break up – I say goodbye to the past and think forward to the future, not dwelling on what I could or should have down the previous year.  Moving forward with a new “to-do list” of what I’d like to accomplish for the company year, sometimes my list is long it seems insurmountable while other times, it’s short and seems too simple.  But it’s an important part of my identity so I’ll share this year’s with you.

My 2009 year list of goals:

1. Simplify the household (organize, clean-out and reinvent)

2.  Write a book

3. Blog more frequently

4. Go down a clothing size – I want that next size down

5. Overcome my fear of public speaking – this will be my toughest challenge yet!

I won’t bore you with clarifying my goals or how I plan to achieve them.  Whether your goals consist of a new job, career change, new home, organizing your office or a new exercise routine having goals is an important part of achieving them. 

Thinking back to my own past New Year’s Eve celebrations, having goals for the next year has always been  a key to my own successes.   It’s never mattered how small those goals were, but the feeling of accomplishment when I’d achieved them have continued to push me to my own personal success. 

So tell me, what do you plan to achieve in 2009?   I’d love to hear from you.


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