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It ain’t over till the fat lady sings….

Jacksons 3rd birthday pirate party 132

It’s been at least a few weeks since my last blog post.   Between throwing a Pirate Party for my little guy, work stuff and having our house on the market – it’s been a particularly hectic few weeks.  

The exciting thing is that we are moving!!!!   More details to come as they develop but it’s one big gigantic adventure. 

How’s your life going this summer?  Is it also a gigantic adventure or do you feel stuck in your present situation? 

Whether it’s your job search, job or home are you choosing to take control or are you letting circumstances take the wheel?  

Sometimes making small changes can lead to big outcomes.  For instance, if you find yourself getting a lot of interviews but no job offers, ask yourself why?  It could be time to hire a career coach to go over what might be costing you the job.   An objective professional can guide you to the success you seek.

If you are finding that you are hunting for jobs and not getting interviews, ask yourself if there is anything that you aren’t doing that could affect your chances.  In talking with many e job seekers, I find that many folks have a difficult time “networking” their way into roles and companies.  They also find it difficult to create a “target” list of companies.  Again, finding a good networking coach or career strategist can help empower you to different results.

Feeling “stuck” is not only a frustrating feeling but it can negatively affect your results.  You can look at many situations in different viewpoints.  Letting your situation take control doesn’t always help with the outcome you’d like.  Feeling out of control shouldn’t be in your “action” plan. 

As far as my own situation is concerned, it’s exciting!!!  Neither my husband nor I know “exactly” where we are moving next, but have an action plan in place and are looking with wide eyes and excitement. 

Item number one on the action plan was to sell our house.  Barring any unforeseen roadblocks, we can now check “sell house” off the list and move to item number two: find a new house

Where, you wonder?  We don’t know yet but we’ll figure that one out in due time.  It was an obstacle in this housing market to have not just one but several offers come in.   Now we can concentrate on the fun part…. home hunting

So how about we bring your fat lady out to sing?  I hear she has a grand voice 😉 Be open, but take control.


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