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Breaking up is hard to do

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Breaking up is hard to do

Losing your job is not only a financial hardship, but it takes a toll on your personal well being and can offer up feelings of inadequacies.  Even if you just quit that stressful job it can take a toll on how you feel about yourself.  It’s like a death and you need time to grieve.

Your loss is not just around your paycheck. You can’t stop thinking of the time you spent helping the company over achieve it’s revenue quota or streamlining it’s processes.  You gave the company years of your life and made sacrifices for it’s success.   Most of us put not only a full work week, but we put our hearts and soul into our employer.  Having had a nasty boss doesn’t even ease the pain of loss we feel.

It’s difficult breaking up. 

But in the end, the break up is really a new opportunity setting itself up to emerge.  After all if you worked for the same employer for the last 10 years, your loyalty might have kept you away from a new career opportunity.

Put this into perspective when you think about your pink slip and the rejection your feeling, “it’s not personal, it’s just business.”  It’s easy to take a look at the smuck your company kept and wonder why they laid you off.  But in reality, it more than likely had nothing to do with YOU at all.  Companies are cutting back on payroll, sometimes letting go the top worker who has over achieved so much over the years that their salaries are higher. 

Now more than ever talented people are affected by corporate downsizing.  Gifted professionals are unemployed job seekers and if you are in that club, know it has nothing to do with your abilities and everything to do with the times.  You are not alone and joblessness doesn’t make you any less than a brilliant worker.

Put together a good solid network to offer you support.  If you are feeling down, get someone to pump you up. You will present yourself better to a perspective employer.  As tough as it is stay upbeat.  Think  of creative ways to keep the job leads coming and don’t lose sight of your end goals. 

…….. which leads me to my current break up story:

MOVING away from my home town of Santa Cruz, California.

It’s for all the right reasons but it’s still difficult.  Saying goodbye always is.   It’s stressful, full of tears but ultimately in the end it brings new opportunities that wouldn’t exist otherwise.

Breaking up is hard to do, but remember good things will come.  Trust me on this one.


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