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Take Insecurity OFF your resume


You’ve spent the last few months or longer sending out resumes to companies with job openings listed online. Maybe you lost count of exactly how many because you are at your wit’s end, you’ve sent out that many.


Nothing happens.


No corporate postcard confirming your resume receipt and how long your resume will stay on file.  No email saying you are being or not being considered for the role.  No phone calls requesting an interviewing.




Now you are feeling rejected.  You might be wondering why these companies don’t have the courtesy of sending you the standard little postcard?  Is your resume that bad that it doesn’t warrant some communication back?  Anything?


Now you are feeling not only deflated by the lack of response, you are beginning to think about your resume and how ineffective it is.  What’s it lacking?  You then call your friend, the one who’s getting all the interviews and ask to view their resume. 


Now you sit, reading your friend’s resume and yours side by side to compare.  YOU compare education, job titles, accomplishments, length of time at companies….. soon you begin to spiral into deep self doubt because your friends resume seems to have so much more. 


Your friend has an MBA, loads of work history…. Fabulous accomplishments… a bunch of things you don’t have…. So you begin to focus on what you don’t have…. And feel insecure about it.


Insecurity has “officially” set in, when your phone rings.  It’s one of those companies you applied to calling to pre-screen your background and career objectives.  But you are now in self doubt mode and it might just come across during that important call. 


If you feel this happening to you DON’T.  Feel confident in YOUR own abilities.  If you are applying to companies and they aren’t responding chances are that it’s nothing other than the response companies receive it huge.  Think of the postage costs to send EVERYONE who applies a postcard these days. 


YOU need to take action on your own.  Don’t assume that someone is reading your resume when you send it in online.  Network your way in by finding someone in your circle that works for that company. 


If you don’t know anyone at that company, ask around.  I have a former colleague that is brilliant at sending out emails to people in his network asking for referrals.  He’s in marketing and good with wording this request but his call to action always prompts me to respond with contacts.   It’s no surprise that he manages to find employment pretty fast when he’s on the job hunt.


Often times we let self doubt take over when we are comparing ourselves to others.  It’s easy to get caught up in not having an MBA or management on your resume especially when you start to compare yourself to another job seeker, but keep in mind that YOU ARE employable.   Don’t focus on what YOU believe you lack, but rather what traits and experiences YOU DO HAVE. 


If you are feeling yourself spiral downwards, get help. Seriously, it might be time to hire a career coach, one that specializes in job search strategy and can help you find that confidence.  It’s not easy doing this alone and there is a time when finding an expert may be a good alternative.  I know that it may not be the best time to invest in this service when you are unemployed, but if you get the results you are looking for, it could be well worth a few one on one sessions.




There are a lot of great resources online.  If you are reading this blog, then you must be web 2.0 / social media savvy.  I like to read:


Each of these has a variety of services to help job seekers find jobs.  Some offer paid services (which you might NEED right now) but more importantly they all have a wealth of FREE resources you should be looking into. 


If you are running out of job leads, join a face to face networking group that can help you to brainstorming idea. 


In this internet age, there is a plethora of resources to find job/company leads so running out isn’t an option, changing YOUR course is.  Reach out to friends, family and network for leads.  More than likely getting the word out will help tremendously and produce some results. 


I’ve had my fair share of rejection.  Letting it control your fate does not work.  If YOU let insecurity control you, it will.  Have confidence in YOURSELF.  If YOU don’t believe in YOU, how can anyone else? 


Are you ready to ADD self confident to your resume?


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Dog Park Job Leads

dog park

If you think you’ve exhausted all possible networking angles to find a job, think again.  There are always creative ways to find more and I’ll share with you my out of the box ideas….

If you’ve read any of my earlier posts, you know that I’m the “new kid in town”.  It’s rough not knowing anyone yet, but sitting at home moaning about it won’t find me my new BFF!  Getting out there can be difficult, especially if you are having feelings of insecurity about your job or income loss.   But sitting at home alone will get you nowhere fast.

Here’s what I’m doing:

Dog Park:   Go there during after or before work hours – AND bring a dog.  You can borrow mine if you’d like 😉  You will be amazed at how many people go there after work to run their dogs.  I’ve found most dog people are open to chatter.  Compliment other dogs and build rapport.  It can easily turn into finding out where the owner works and what they do there.  Before you know it, you may have just met your potential hiring manager or foot in the door to a target company!   But beware, first impressions are everything.  Don’t over do it with attire, it’s a dog park after all, but do look presentable.  It is also important to have good rapport building skills otherwise any approach you take will be in affective.

* * IMPORTANT to NOTE again:  Make sure you bring a dog or you may come across creepy * *

Racket Ball:  I’m still trying to find someone to teach me how to play this sport. If you are reading this and live in Folsom, let me know if you can help me out J   I see so many professionals work off their business frustrations with a good game of Racket Ball and I’d like to join in.  What a great place to network!!!!  If you are good with a sport, join in.  Again, you have to be strategic if your end goal is to meet professionals.  I find there are certain times of the day when more corporate based folks play. 

Weight Watchers:  Okay this is another place to tread lightly, but there are many companies that will help out their employees with a Weight Watchers membership.  Again, tread lightly when networking at these meetings.  They are designed for busy people to get healthier so going to just one evening meeting to network won’t work.  Going weekly may help you drop a few lbs AND meet other busy people who happen to be employed as well.    Build rapport but be respectful.  These aren’t places to network, but if you play your cards right there will be networking opportunities that come about.  When they start talking about over eating, simply raise your hand and talk about your job hunt.  Someone may even approach you after the meeting to say that they are hiring!!!

Craigslist:  This is a great way to sell things that you aren’t using, make a little extra money and meet people!   Before we moved from Santa Cruz and now that we are in Folsom, I have sold items to folks working at such companies as:  Plantronics, Seagate, Cisco, Apple, Stubhub and Intel just to drop a few corporate names of my shoppers.   It’s amazing how many professionals are choosing a greener way to buy via Craigslist.  All you need is good rapport building skills and you’re off to cleaning out your garage, making a few extra dollars and growing your professional network!

Coffee Shop:  Okay, you might be unemployed but look busy!  Maybe you bring your laptop to the local coffee shop and use their wifi to job hunt.  And remember to be nice to the barista’s, making good impressions are so important!  If you choose a coffee shop close to a target company, you never who you might meet that could help you get your feet in the door.  As always, good rapport building skills are absolutely imperative to success, otherwise you might come across as odd.

OPEN HOUSES:  This can be a fun one.  Go to open houses and network with Real Estate agents.  Most agents are pretty friendly and have a lot of contacts.  You might meet other fellow open house people that are in the market to buy and you know if they are in the market to buy, they have jobs!     Again, building an initial line of communication with the host is imperative.  Maybe you ask them about the market, what they are seeing in the way of buyers, etc. to start off.  You’ll know right away whether they are open for a lengthy discussion.  Since good realtors know the value of networking you might just meet people who you can “who do you know” in the future.

I take advantage of any and all social settings to network.  You never know who you might meet.  The most important thing is to get your rapport building skills in hand.  It’s easy to over do it, so be careful how you approach people.  If you are an introvert, bring a socially friendly person with you to help break the ice or give you training.  This is a new skill to master but in this market, it’s an important one to learn.

Want to meet me at the dog park?  I have a new BFF opening that I’m recruiting for…..

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Life’s what you make it… so make it Resort style!

empire ranch golf course 012

Earlier this year I joined the ranks of all the cool hip people and lost my job.

And it wasn’t just me, but a whole bunch of other people I worked with lost theirs as well. Corporate downsizing shut the doors to quite a few local branch offices and management did consolidation. Sound familiar?

This sudden loss caused a flurry of other life changes like selling our house and moving out of town. Amazed at how quickly our house sold but leaving us no time to figure out where exactly to land next.

How many of you are finding yourself in a similar situation? Maybe it’s not exactly the same, but you are finding yourself making decisions that weren’t even in your frame of consciousness last year? How are you coping? What strategies have been most effective?

And that leads me to a golf course in Folsom, CA.

Making changes isn’t an easy job, but in the long run it’s necessary to get you further in this game. Whether it’s making changes to your resume, job hunt strategy or in my case logistics it is necessary sometimes to get you ahead so embrace it. Change is now your friend.

As a recruiter I have talked with so many job seekers in my career. The best ones are usually the ones that understand how to appropriately position themselves for success. They understand the importance of “change”.

Whether it’s tweaking their resume for each job they are applying to or changing their candidate positioning it takes the ability to change to some degree. By qualifying an opportunity first the successful job hunter can really focus on their strengths for the role.

If your job search isn’t producing the kind of results you are looking for, it’s time to change it up. Not all job search strategies will work in this market!   If you are getting nowhere in your hunt, think of new ways to change it up a bit. Sometimes making the littlest changes can produce the greatest and sometimes unexpected results.

Embrace change.

After selling our house, we decided to move to the Sacramento Foothills while we search for our perfect new house, community and landing spot. As if by fate, we ended up leasing a home on the Empire Ranch golf course – on the lucky 13th hole!

Now every morning I walk my dog to drop my daughter off at an amazing Award Winning Blue Ribbon school.  I can’t help but feel like I’m living in a resort. The landscaping at Empire Ranch reminds me of a resort I stayed at in Hawaii years ago, everything is so well maintained and everyone in our neighborhood is super friendly. It’s actually quite wonderful…. …. And who would have thought all this would happen in a matter of months due to change?

Now, what will change bring you?

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